What makes our company stand out from the rest.

We Lift Wheelchair Rideshare Service is a wheelchair transportation and courier services provider based in Harvey, Louisiana. WE LIFT provides services to the residents of Greater New Orleans.


Our mission is to provide comprehensive and convenient services to every patient, especially to those who have impaired or limited mobility. We aim to provide them with a safe and hassle-free transport experience.


We envision our company to be one of the leading NEMT providers in Louisiana, greatly known for the delivery of convenient and secure transport experience to clients.

elderly man in a wheelchair using van lift


What makes us unique from other providers is the fact that we have specific goals which drive us to provide high-quality services. Aside from our main goal of providing convenient services to clients, we also strive to:

  • Elevate the quality of life of patients
  • Help clients preserve their independence
  • Educate clients and families on strategies and techniques for safety

Know more about our company by calling us at 504-234-6417.