Wheelchair Users: Precautions for COVID-19

During this time, it’s important to take note that direct contact with infected surfaces can lead to the spread of infection. So long as you continuously practice the necessary precautions, you may be able to protect yourself from illness and disease. WE LIFT LLC Wheelchair Rideshare Service is here to provide you with a few … Continue reading

Ways of Improving Senior Life

Problems are like the people you meet in life; they always come and go. But, you should not take them for granted. They come into your life to either be a blessing or a lesson. If you need wheelchair transportation in New Orleans, Louisiana, you need to find the organization that brings blessing to you. … Continue reading

Common Wheelchair Transportation Safety Tips to Remember

Safe transportation is a major concern for people in wheelchairs. If you are one or are caring for one, then here are some of the common wheelchair transportation safety tips to keep in mind: Wheelchair Compliance If you are going to sit in your wheelchair when you are planning to ride a Medicaid transportation vehicle, … Continue reading

Common Public Transportation Barriers People in a Wheelchair Face

People in wheelchairs have limited mobility, but that doesn’t mean that they’re incapable of moving around independently. In fact, if the current structures and establishments are designed to be wheelchair-friendly, people in wheelchairs will be able to do things that those who are walking with their own two legs can do. A fine example of … Continue reading

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Importance of Accessible Tourism

Enjoying tourist spots can help reduce stress. However, it is not widely accessible to everyone, especially to persons with disabilities. Some top tourist destinations can be challenging for them to go to. This is where wheelchair transportation in New Orleans, Louisiana comes in to help patients with special needs travel. Having the accessibility to a … Continue reading

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What Are the Challenges Faced by NEMT Providers?

Nowadays, the healthcare industry has seen the importance of NEMT in Louisiana, and more private companies are providing medical transportation services, partnering with various healthcare organizations to help patients get to their appointments on time. But of course, any emerging industry will have its fair share of challenges. Many NEMT providers will face some of … Continue reading

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