What makes our company stand out from the rest.

We Lift was established in 2018 in New Orleans, Louisiana, with the vision of providing on-demand access to individuals that require wheelchair transportation. We want to encourage wheelchair users to safely live outside of their homes and experience what life has to offer. Need to venture out to make groceries, go to the park, go to a medical appointment, or visit a family member? We Lift can get you there. Contact us today!

We Lift is a NEMT Rideshare platform, specializing in courier services and wheelchair transportation in New Orleans, Louisiana. Our vast network of providers allows for competitive pricing in both industries.


To unite non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) drivers in all U.S. markets to provide the most affordable, comprehensive on-demand wheelchair transportation service to the public.


To inspire independent living among wheelchair users throughout the U.S.


Experience independence

Core Values

Quality Assurance – Our Commitment
Our commitment to excellence for our partners, passengers, and personnel.
Comprehensive Care – What We Do
We are thoughtful and intentional about all aspects of the customer service process, always ensuring safety is a priority.
Family First – Who We Are
All partners, passengers, and personnel are part of the We Lift family. We believe time spent with our individual families is a priority. Most importantly, we provide services to connect families and friends for their favorite activities.
Leisure Living – What We Provide
We provide on-demand access to leisure living to inspire others to experience independence without limitations.
Innovative Thinking – How We Make It Happen
We continually think of ways to connect wheelchair users to our services by keeping up with the latest technology and industry trends.

elderly man in a wheelchair using van lift


What makes us unique from other providers is the fact that we have specific goals which drive us to provide high-quality services. Aside from our main goal of providing convenient services to clients, we also strive to:


Partnering with trained, licensed, insured NEMT providers creates the safest transportation rideshare platform. Allowing PARTNER-CONTRACTING…

Providers can negotiate larger contracts to service hospitals and other facilities directly.

Partnering with airports, event planners, funeral homes, facilities, and insurance companies directly, opportunities are endless.

Participating providers increase ways to earn money without increase driving.

Know more about our company by calling us at 504-800-8005.