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Be a Traveler Even with a Disability

Do you have an adventure in your soul but are being stopped by your limited mobility? You can opt to look for a reliable provider for wheelchair transportation in New Orleans, Louisiana. Fortunately, our state has a team that can take people with a physical disability to places where they want and need to be. … Continue reading

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Attending a Loved One’s Funeral

A memorial service or funeral is a public gathering. It allows people to mourn for the deceased. It is usually the family members, relatives, neighbors, friends, and colleagues who attend it. Occasionally, mentors and acquaintances are invited to be there as well. Funerals are frequently followed by burials. Attendees placing a ceremonial trowel of earth … Continue reading

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How NEMT is Beneficial to You and Your Family

There are a lot of providers of NEMT in Louisiana. Have you taken advantage of their services? Before looking at the benefits of using NEMT, you should first know what it is all about. NEMT or non-emergency medical transportation is a type of Medicaid transportation service that individuals can take advantage of when they need … Continue reading

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Road Trip: Tips When Bringing Your Wheelchair Along

If you are relying on a wheelchair to move about, you will need to bring it along during your road trip. Medicaid transportation is available for you to take advantage of. But, you can also make use of the following tips to bring your wheelchair along in your family’s car. Store it in the car’s … Continue reading

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Tips for Holiday Traveling with a Disability (Part Two)

There is a lot of planning and preparation that goes into traveling, especially when you’re traveling with a disability. You have to make sure that your equipment is sound and in good condition to travel, and you’ll have to book NEMT in Louisiana. In our last article, we gave you 4 tips to help you … Continue reading

Tips for Holiday Traveling with a Disability (Part One)

Traveling for the holidays can mean extra stress to anyone, whether they’re living with a disability or not. November and December are two of the busiest travel months of the year, and just like everyone else, people who have disabilities are just as likely to travel to visit family and friends during this time. Aside … Continue reading