Swamp Adventures and What to Prepare

swamp-adventures-and-what-to-prepareIt might not be easy to decide what to do in New Orleans because various activities are available, especially during summer.

Taking a swamp tour in the area’s natural splendor is highly recommended as one of the most enjoyable things to do in the region. However, your experience in swamp tours will depend on the different seasons.

During the summer, you may need to prepare a few things to make the trip as comfortable and exciting as possible such as:

  • Wearing light clothing
    You won’t need those long sleeves anymore now that summer has arrived because the weather will be warm the entire season.
  • Using accessories as protection from the sun
    If your tour takes place during the day, remember to wear sunglasses, sunscreen, and perhaps a hat. The sun’s rays can be intense, but you won’t experience overheating or sunburn if you take these safety measures.
  • Putting insect repellant
    Don’t forget to pack your anti-mosquito spray! Those flying critters get just as much enjoyment out of our marshes as you will this season.

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