What Are the Challenges Faced by NEMT Providers?

What Are the Challenges Faced by NEMT Providers?

Nowadays, the healthcare industry has seen the importance of NEMT in Louisiana, and more private companies are providing medical transportation services, partnering with various healthcare organizations to help patients get to their appointments on time.

But of course, any emerging industry will have its fair share of challenges. Many NEMT providers will face some of these challenges when they venture into the business:

  • Booking services can be a tedious process
    Some companies have still not innovated in a way that makes their services more accessible to their partners. Thus, clients have to reach providers through a hotline, which can be a tedious process. Often, hotlines are out of service, or you can only accommodate one person at a time, decreasing operational efficiency.
  • Some companies may do better than other providers
    Of course, in any industry, there is competition. Since most NEMT services are privately-owned, then services and equipment may vary from one company to the next. Availability and suitability are two of the compelling factors that drive in more patients to trust in your transportation services.
  • Fraudulent Medicaid transportation companies are still common
    According to government investigators in 2016, the NEMT program is still at “high risk for fraud or abuse” as some companies take advantage of their clients, letting them pay for services that do not require billing.

These are simply some of the many challenges NEMT providers need to address as they continuously innovate to help serve the healthcare industry better.

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