Wheelchair Users: Precautions for COVID-19

Wheelchair Users: Precautions for COVID-19

During this time, it’s important to take note that direct contact with infected surfaces can lead to the spread of infection. So long as you continuously practice the necessary precautions, you may be able to protect yourself from illness and disease.

WE LIFT LLC Wheelchair Rideshare Service is here to provide you with a few tips on how you may protect yourself and your loved ones from COVID-19.

COVID-19 can survive on the surfaces of your wheelchair and other assistive devices, which you come in contact with frequently. As much as possible, do the following:

  • Frequent Handwashing.

    It’s incredibly important to wash your hands for at least 10-20 seconds with soap and warm water whenever you return home from any activities/events taking place in other locations. Wheelchair tires can serve as the vehicle that transfers the virus to your handrims and to your hands.

  • Washing the Surface on Your Wheelchair.

    All solid surfaces that we touch could potentially hold viruses on them. It’s this reason why most NEMT in Louisiana disinfect after every use, to make sure that there are no harmful bacteria lingering inside and on the surfaces of the vehicle.

  • Practice Social Distancing.

    Wheelchair transportation in New Orleans, Louisiana can serve as a way to limit a patient’s exposure to other people when traveling outside.

People who use wheelchairs tend to sit lower than most people who are standing. Hence, they can experience more exposure to saliva droplets from other people.

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