Attending a Loved One’s Funeral


A memorial service or funeral is a public gathering. It allows people to mourn for the deceased. It is usually the family members, relatives, neighbors, friends, and colleagues who attend it. Occasionally, mentors and acquaintances are invited to be there as well.

Funerals are frequently followed by burials. Attendees placing a ceremonial trowel of earth on the grave are regarded as a gesture of respect in some cultures. It is usually a family member who initiates this, which is then followed by others who are close to the deceased.

Saying goodbye to a loved one is hard. It is even harder if the person is unable to see them for the final time. As a provider for wheelchair transportation in New Orleans, Louisiana, we want to ascertain that people who want to say their farewells can attend their deceased loved one’s funeral. Whether they have a health condition or limited mobility, our reliable team can get them to their destination on time.

Services for NEMT in Louisiana are available at WE LIFT LLC Wheelchair Rideshare Service.

Please give us a call if you need NEMT or Medicaid transportation. We can assure you that our rides are safe and secure.

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