How NEMT is Beneficial to You and Your Family


There are a lot of providers of NEMT in Louisiana. Have you taken advantage of their services? Before looking at the benefits of using NEMT, you should first know what it is all about.

NEMT or non-emergency medical transportation is a type of Medicaid transportation service that individuals can take advantage of when they need more than what a tax service can provide but are not in an emergency. In most cases, those relying on wheelchairs are the ones using the service.

Here are its benefits:

  • NEMT helps maintain a person’s independence.

    You can go to different events and places independently. Book your schedule and believe that the staff will help you in entering and exiting the vehicle right to and from the place you want to go to.

  • NEMT helps the person avoid feeling like a burden to others.

    When family members and friends are helping you physically in entering and exiting a vehicle, you might feel a bit shy or helpless. With NEMT, you get to avoid that feeling.

  • NEMT helps ensure a comfortable and convenient ride.

    Going with a taxi service that is not equipped with the features you need as a wheelchair user can be uncomfortable. NEMT aims to give you comfort and convenience throughout the trip.

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