Exciting Opportunities for NEMT Providers

Exciting Opportunities for NEMT Providers

Providers of non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) are dependable partners of wheelchair users. Consider this fact: According to the Bureau of Transportation Statistics, an estimated 3.6 million American wheelchair users choose not to leave their homes because of their disability. In their survey, a significant 7 out of 10 wheelchair users don’t travel every day due to their disability.

Isn’t this disheartening? Wheelchair users cannot take advantage of the health benefits of outdoor activities because their disability keeps them from doing so. Yet, this is a need that NEMT providers can meet. Because of our comfortable and wheelchair-friendly vehicles, our loved ones who use wheelchairs can now enjoy the outdoors more often.

But how do wheelchair users reach you? Are they even aware that you are very accessible in their area? We answer these questions through our wheelchair ride-sharing app. We make accessible wheelchair transportation in New Orleans, Louisiana and, soon, to the rest of the country.

We are already familiar with ride-sharing services for non-wheelchair users. Don’t they provide convenience for commuters no matter where they are? This is the same pursuit we go for, except that we are specifically serving individuals who are wheelchair-dependent. Because this is still unexplored territory, there is an exciting opportunity open for NEMT providers like you.

Consider these other opportunities you provide to our wheelchair-using community:

  • Convenient Transportation

    Wheelchair users face a unique challenge for their travel needs. Vehicles need to have specialized ramps so they can go up and down when they need to. They also settle down in a wide space inside the vehicle so they will feel comfortable. As a provider of NEMT in Louisiana, your vehicles are equipped with these mechanisms. You can provide convenient transportation.

  • Serve More Wheelchair Users

    Our ride-sharing app is intended to provide a bridge between wheelchair users and their NEMT provider. When you are part of these providers, you will be able to serve more wheelchair users who are using this app. You have the chance to make the lives of wheelchair users more exciting now that they have better chances to go outdoors.

  • Prevent Health Complications

    Some wheelchair users cannot go to their doctor or spend time with their loved ones because of transportation limitation. These hindrances can cause health complications to the wheelchair user. Yet, when there are easily accessible NEMT vehicles, they also have better access to the resources that improve their health.

Are you an NEMT provider? Do you know someone who is? Are you working in a company that provides NEMT? Partner with us today! At WE LIFT LLC Wheelchair Rideshare Service, you have a partner in serving our wheelchair-using community better. Because we are also accommodating Medicaid Transportation, you can trust that you will not go behind financial dues.

The ride-sharing app is an exciting opportunity, isn’t it?

Share this post to people or agencies that provide exceptional NEMT. This is a meaningful opportunity you would not want to miss!

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