Top 5 Recreation Options for Wheelchair Users

Top 5 Recreation Options for Wheelchair Users

While mobility problems can pose real challenges for people in wheelchairs, these should still not keep them from having a quality life. In fact, quality recreation is recommended for every person, no matter what age, regardless of gender or economic status, or with or without mobility disability. As a provider of wheelchair transportation in New Orleans, Louisiana, we also advocate for quality life for every person especially for persons on wheelchairs.

For that, we have the following activities to recommend for you so you can have an awesome time outdoors with your friends or loved ones.

  1. Go for a Hike
    Our country is very privileged to provide as much accessibility for wheelchair users as possible. Even for nature lovers who have been limited by their mobility disability, they can still have the chance to explore and just be with nature. There are plenty of activities to do on a nature hike. You can have a picnic, watch flowers, or just listen to the birds. So tag your family and friends along. Just make sure to book a NEMT in Louisiana when it’s time for you to travel to the nature park or place where you will start your hike.
  2. Swimming
    Who says swimming is only for people who can walk? On the contrary, swimming is a great exercise for wheelchair users. Even when their legs cannot kick, there are many swimming aids that can enable them to float. If you find the need to take a dip especially when the weather is rather hot, do consider swimming. There are safe transportation options that you can tap so your loved one on a wheelchair can have a comfortable feeling while in transit.
  3. Fishing
    What makes this activity exciting is that your loved one can just sit there still whether in a boat or on a dock. They can sit peacefully while watching nature and waiting for some catch to get lured by their bait. Because it can be a relieving activity, this is such an ideal pastime you can tag your loved one along to. When transportation services are your concern, we can help you with it.
  4. Skydiving
    This exhilarating adventure is not for the faint of heart. However, it can be an exciting option for those wheelchair users who need some little adrenaline push. For those with heart problems just make sure that your doctor approves of this.
  5. Team Sports
    What is truly lively about team sports is that your loved one can get to meet with other people and make friends with them while maintaining an active lifestyle. To assist your loved one in getting to their practices or games, we can provide you with the Medicaid Transportation that you need.

At WE LIFT LLC Wheelchair Rideshare Service, we are opening doors for your loved one to travel in comfort and convenience even when they are in a wheelchair. We created a mobile phone app so the ride-sharing service exclusively for wheelchair users can be accessed. To access this service, kindly download our app.

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