Giving Concerned Loved Ones Peace of Mind


Life-altering illnesses and injuries not only affect the patients but their friends and loved ones too. It’s not easy to live with a disability, and it’s not easy to look after a loved one with one.

It can be emotionally and financially exhausting to worry about your loved one’s day-to-day needs, especially wheelchair transportation in New Orleans, Louisiana. Not many public vehicles can cater to those with mobility issues. This is why WE LIFT LLC Wheelchair Rideshare Service exists.

Our drivers are here to make sure that every patient who books our NEMT in Louisiana can enjoy a smooth, safe, and comfortable ride to their destinations and back.

Aside from timeliness and comfort, we employ individuals who are trained, experienced, and certified in CPR and BLS. Should certain medical emergencies arise while in transit, your loved one can receive immediate medical first-aid while an ambulance is being called in.

NEMT may sound expensive, but it’s a cheaper alternative to calling an ambulance every time you have to transport a loved one to their medical appointments. A single ambulance ride can cost thousands of dollars, while a NEMT pickup would only be a few hundred.

Fees are usually calculated by setting a pickup fee, cost per mile or for the distance covered during the transport, and additional fees should your loved one require additional personnel or specialized care during the trip.

Interested in NEMT services? Just give us a call at 504-800-8005 to book a ride.

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