Wheelchair Tips for Driving Disabled Loved Ones


Traveling with someone who is wheelchair-bound is something that most people never give any thought to until a day comes that they have to do it. The world is rarely an easy place to maneuver a wheelchair, and yes, even with the existence of wheelchair ramps, PWD bathrooms, and elevators.

WE LIFT LLC Wheelchair Rideshare Service understands the struggle that you and your loved one may be facing. So we are here to talk about a few tips that you can apply when traveling with your wheelchair-bound loved one.

Feel free to give these a try:

  • Road trips
    If you are driving very far and can’t book or afford wheelchair transportation in New Orleans, Louisiana, know that rest stops are inevitable. Unfortunately, not all hotels and inns you will find along the road can cater to PWDs. If possible, scope out the locations yourself before the trip and take note of any possible stops in advance.
  • General travel tips
    • Allow lots of extra time. Loading up your loved one’s wheelchair or maneuvering around obstacles will take longer than you think.
    • Give NEMT a try if you can. Short distances should not be a problem if you’re unable to drive your loved one yourself. We get it. Life can be extremely hectic at times.
    • Bring extras. Extra diapers, extra wipes, extra bags. You never know what your loved one will need during a trip, even if it’s a short one.

We hope these tips serve you well on your next trip. If you are ever in need of NEMT in Louisiana, feel free to give us a call at 504-800-8005 to book a ride.

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