Recreational Swamp Tours in New Orleans


WE LIFT LLC Wheelchair Rideshare Service, your wheelchair transportation in New Orleans, Louisiana, provides airport wheelchair and recreational transportation for physically challenged individuals. Our commercially insured trained professionals engendered an increase in independent travels.

Many people are cautious with regard to traveling because of their physical disability. As a provider of NEMT in Louisiana, we guarantee your safety, comfort, and on-time arrival at your destinations despite physical barriers.

This summer, if you are still uncertain where to spend your leisure and vacation, hereunder are some recreational swamp tours in New Orleans.

  • New Orleans Swamp and Bayou Tour
    This is an affordable swamp tour that departs from Slidell. You can enjoy the two-hour open-air vessel ride while exploring the Honey Island Swamp, where you can spot wild boars, alligators, and osprey and learn about Cajun Culture and swamp and wildlife myths.
  • New Orleans Super Saver Swamp and Bayou
    If you want a cost-effective two-day tour, this swamp tour is perfect for you. For the first day, you can enjoy wild-spotting, nature shows, and learn about Cajun Culture. During the second day, you will visit the 250-year-old knotty oak trees at Oak Alley Plantation.
  • Destrehan Plantation and Swamp Tour
    This is a 6-hour combination tour. You will have a one-hour visit to one of the places listed on the National Register of Historic Places, the Destrehan Plantation, and a tour to the Slave Revolt Museum. After which is an airboat ride with narration about wildlife.

Some of the places of departure are an hour away from New Orleans, but don’t worry! We consider your convenience and comfort. With us, you can trust that you are able to travel safely and sound to your destinations.

We also offer school transportation services. Contact us for more details!

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